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Grief & Healing

Understanding Grief

It’s natural to express the feelings you have after
loosing someone beloved.


1. Everyone reacts different

Grief is a personal journey, with each person responding uniquely. Understanding this diversity is essential to provide empathetic support.


2. It goes away

Though grief may seem overwhelming, it's important to remember it's not permanent. Time gradually soothes the acute pain, allowing healing to begin.


3. Don’t throw help away

Help, in any form, can be a beacon of light in the darkness of grief. Accepting it can ease the journey through sorrow and loss.


4. Talk about this

Conversations about grief can be therapeutic. By sharing feelings and memories, we can find solace and comfort in shared experiences.


5. Stepping over

Facing the obstacles grief presents is part of the healing process. Each hurdle overcome builds resilience and brings us closer to acceptance.

Please remember, it's okay to grieve, seek support, and express your feelings, as this is part of the journey towards healing.